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Morgan Page RETURNS to Park City Live on Friday, May 15th!!


Morgan is giving back to his fans! Every PRE-SALE ticket includes a digital copy of the new album, 'DC to Light' available June 9th! Download it before anyone else! If you have any questions, please go to www.morgan-page.com/download

Don’t miss your chance to see Morgan Page LIVE at your favorite Park City concert venue, we he returns to Park City Live this May. Morgan made his way up from college radio DJ to profound producer and highly sought-after remixer in a short period of time.  He has garnered support from a wide range of top level DJs and had his music set the tone of multiple movies, TV shows and retail stores nationwide. 

Page received his first Grammy nomination for DeadMau5 ‘ remix of his song “The Longest Road” in 2009 and again in 2011 for his remix of Nadia Ali’s song “Fantasy”. In 2013 he toured extensively for his MPP3D Tour and released his popular collaboration with Michael S. called “Against The World”.

Recently, Page has been working on a new album called "DC to Light", set to release in June 2015 along with his promotional tour. He released his latest collaboration with Lissie, titled “Open Heart” in late February of this year. 

Don't be sorry for partying >>> Take the Party bus up to Park City Live!!

Pick-Up at Smith's (876 East 800 South, SLC)
Smith's - to - Park City Live
*Departs from the Smith's parking lot at 9PM SHARP
*Please park away from the front entrance and not in marked employee parking

Drop-Off at Smith's (876 East 800 South, SLC)
Park City Live - to - Smith's parking lot
*Departs from Park City Live at 2AM SHARP

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<![CDATA[The Chainsmokers]]> * This is a 21 or older event *

The Chainsmokers make their stop at Park City Live on Friday, May 29th with special guests, GOSHFATHER and JINCO!

Wise beyond their years and aggressively handsome, these two overachievers are focused on success... Never before has the world seen two furry browed individuals such as these two (seriously they have really bushy eye brows)... As you might have imagined Alex and Drew did not meet on the set of their Vogue Cover shoot while currounded by super models, but rather somewhere else. 

Apart from Social Darwinism, the thing that separates these two men from the rest is their unsettling and uncanny ability to discover and create trends. They find the parts of things that people actually give a sh*t about, whatever they may be, and focus on creating and improving those parts. With live sets and productions that their own mothers describe as, "sounds nice, but a little loud," these two always put on a show that was not ever described as sexy and life changing, but should be. 

Apart from their unique personalities and boyish good looks, they have many similarities. They each graduated from prestigious North-Eastern Universities, they like hot chicks in yoga pants, enjoy a good burger, and have been rejected from many of the venues they now play at. Don't miss your chance to see The Chainsmokers LIVE when they make their stop while on their 2015 Spring Tour at Park City Live this May!

Don't be SORRY for PARTYING >>> Take the Party Bus
up to Park City Live!!

Pick-UP at Smith's (876 East 800 South, SLC)
Smith's - to - Park City Live
* Departs from Smith's parking lot at 9PM SHARP
* Please park away from the front entrance and not in marked employee parking

Drop-Off at Smith's (876 East 800 South, SLC)
Park City Live - to - Smith's parking lot
* Departs Park City Live at 2AM SHARP

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<![CDATA[John Butler Trio]]> * This is a 21 and older event *

John Butler Trio comes to Park City Live on Saturday, June 20th with support from Anderson East!

The Australian eclectic, roots, rock, reggae and jam band, the John Butler Trio, is led by lead guitarist and vocalist John Butler. They have independently released five studio albums, the last three of which debuted at #1 in Australia, and have eight Top 40 Singles. 

Having developed a great reputation as a live act, the band has also released three live albums. Apart from their little-known debut album, all of their releases have been on Jarrah Redords, co-owned by Butler and The Waifs. The current members are John Butler, drummer Grant Gerathy and bassist Byron Luiters.


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<![CDATA[Allen Stone]]> Tickets will go on sale to the general public on Friday, April 24th at 10:00 AM. 

* This is a 21 or older event *

Allen Stone makes his stop at Park City Live with special guest, Brynn Elliott on Saturday, June 27th for his ‘Radius’ Album Release Tour!

On his third full-length album, singer/songwriter Allen Stone proves himself deeply devoted to making uncompromisingly soulful music that transcends all pop convention. Stone’s debut for Capitol Records, Radius marks the follow-up to the Chewelah, Washington-bred 28-year-old’s self-released and self-titled sophomore effort, a 2011 album that climbed to the top 10 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart and gained acclaim from renowned rock critic Ann Powers (whose NPR review hailed Allen Stone as “meant for those of us who like our R&B slightly unkempt and exceedingly feelingful”).

Stone’s latest batch of songs capture the warm energy and creative connection that transport the listener to a higher and more exalted plane. Radius bears a title that reflects both its scope and intimacy. “The radius is that line extending from the center of the circle to its exterior,” says Stone, “ and in a lot of ways this album is about getting out things deep inside - whether it’s love or insecurity or joy or frustration about things going on today.” Radius wholly reveals Stone’s easy grace in blending everything from edgy soul-pop and earthy folk-rock to throwback R&B and Parliament-inspired funk.

Don’t miss your chance to see Allen Stone LIVE when he brings his 2015 ‘Radius’ Album Release Tour to Park City Live on June 27th! Pre-order your own copy of the album now, before it’s release on May 29th. 

Brynn Elliot:

Brynn Elliott's life has always been set to music. The Atlanta native, who began singing with her grandfather at age three, is now a Harvard philosophy major who juggles an intense academic life with touring, recording and song writing. Most recently, Brynn has toured with Brandi Carlile, Alanis ZMorissette, Wilson Phillips and Tyler Ward. Radio is quickly embracing her first EP, "Notions of Love," and it's currently playing on over 40 college radio stations. She is about to embark on two major summer 2015 tours with O.A.R. and Allen Stone.  


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<![CDATA[Thievery Corporation]]>
* This is a 21 or older event *


Thievery Corporation takes the stage at Park City Live on Sunday, July 5th for a Special Fourth of July Weekend Show!

Washington, D.C. based recording artist and DJ duo, Thievery Corporation makes abstract, instrumental, mid tempo dance music whose classification falls somewhere between trip-hop and acid jazz. Their music mixes elements of dub, acid, jazz, indian classical and Brazilian (bossa nova) with lounge aesthetic. Featuring the production skills of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, Thievery Corporation has released several albums, starting in 1996 to as recently as 2014.  Their latest release, Saudade, turned their music in a different direction, being a bossa nova-based effort with guest vocalists like LouLou Ghelichkhani, Karina Zeviani and Elin Melgarejo. 


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